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The brand new "Reunion" CD also features vocalist Al Jarreau on two songs!

Seawind's Musical History Continues!




Seawind CTI5002 Now Available on CD!

This album was released on CTI Records in 1976 and was the debut album for CTI's new Pop Series and also the first CTI album ever produced by someone other than Creed Taylor. That someone was legendary drummer, Harvey Mason and his associate, Bob Wirtz. This was also Seawind's debut album and the hit song, The Devil Is a Liar earned the group a Grammy Award Nomination for Best Arrangement Accompanying a Vocalist and caused the whole music industry to take notice of Seawind and the Seawind Horns! (Many have asked, "What's with the house on the cover??")

The track listing for this album is as follows: We Got a Way, You Gotta Be Willin' to Lose, He Loves You, The Devil is a Liar, A Love Song/Seawind, Make Up Your Mind, Praise (Part 1), Roadways (Parts 1 & 2).

Now Available on CD!

Window of a Child CTI75007

Seawind's second album was released in 1977 and also produced by Harvey Mason and Bob Wirtz. The group's popularity continued to grow with this album and they were voted Best New Jazz Group of 1977 by Record World Magazine. Seawind toured the country on their own getting rave reviews in all their strongest markets, which were New York, Philadelphia, Wash. D.C., Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix and of course, Hawaii! (Please don't ask us about the fish head on the cover! Let's just put it this way,... it was one of a million other things that lead to us suing CTI and leaving the label!)

The track listing for this album is as follows: One Sweet Night, Wings of Love, Do Listen To, Lovin' You, Hallelujah, Countin' the Days, Campanas De Invierno, Window of a Child, Angel of Mercy.

Light the Light SP-734

This album was released in 1979 on Horizon Records (owned by A&M) and it gave birth to Seawind's signature, Bob Wilson song, Follow Your Road! Produced by Tommy Lipuma and engineered by Al Schmitt, Light the Light won many new Seawind fans and the group performed in front of thousands as the opening act for the multi-platinum George Benson and for Boz Scaggs on his platinum "Silk Degrees" tour! Pauline & George Benson sing a duet on the Grammy Award winning album, In Harmony and Seawind and George Benson co-headline on the now-legendary, 1979 Hawaiian Islands Tour!

The track listing for this album is as follows: Hold On to Love, Free, Sound Rainbow, Follow Your Road, Light the Light, Morning Star, Imagine, Enchanted Dance. Note: This album is only available on CD in Japan.


Seawind A&M SP-4824

Released in 1980 on A&M Records and produced by George Duke and engineered by Erik Zobler, this album, combined with the popularity of the others, became the height of Seawind's success and recognition. A&M also produced a video of the song What Cha Doin', which helped it become a top ten hit and Seawind was now on both the jazz and R&B charts of the major trade magazines. The group tours Japan for a second time, performs in Manila, Philippines and stops in Hawaii for their annual home coming tour, performing on Kauai, The Big Island and Oahu. Record sales and radio air play peaked in 1981, and the group began working on their fifth recording. Completed in 1982, it sadly was never released and the group breaks up.

The track listing for this album is as follows: What Cha Doin', The Two of Us, Love Him Love Her, Everything Needs Love, Shout, Still in Love, Pra Vose, I Need Your Love, Long Long Time. Note: This album is only available on CD in Japan.


Remember NWR9503

In 1995, thirteen years after their break-up, Seawind grants permission to Noteworthy Records for the release of a compilation CD consisting of songs from their first two CTI masters, along with five never-before-heard, bonus tracks from the group's last recordings of the early 80's. Remember is the first CD release in America, of any Seawind recordings and it consists of many favorite Seawind songs that have been digitally remastered. Although the license to Noteworthy has ended, the CD is still available from Seawind. We also have cassettes available! *Note: We are currently out of stock of this CD.

The track listing for this album is as follows: He Loves You, The Devil Is a Liar, Lovin' You, We Got a Way, Window of a Child, You Got to be Willin' to Lose, A Love Song/Seawind, Angel of Mercy, Campanas De Invierno, bonus tracks: Can't Wait, Please Say Yes, Dream On, Take Me in Love, Heaven in Your Eyes, Roadways.

Did you know that there were some Seawind 45 RPM singles?

Yes,...that's right! If you're old enough to remember Seawind then you surely remember 45 RPM 7" vinyl records? You know,....the ones with the large hole in the center, that required a special center adapter in order for it to play on your multi-speed record turntable?

Released on CTI Records in 1977, "One Sweet Night" was the first ever, Seawind single. It's astounding that CTI forced Seawind to record this song, which was brought in by an outside writer and producer! Seawind always had a wealth of very creative original songs, yet CTI failed to believe in the strength of Seawind's creativity! Of course the energy and attention that CTI gave to this single went nowhere because the song really wasn't the true musical essence of Seawind. Side two of this single was "Do Listen To", which was written by Bob Wilson.

Released in 1980 on A&M Records, "The Two of Us" was the second Seawind single. With the band now on both the jazz and R&B charts, this single was aimed at the R&B radio market. Unfortunately, the month before A&M released this single, Bill Withers' song, "Just the Two of Us" had already caught on at R&B radio and of course, became a smash hit for Bill, thus Seawind's similar song title got little attention at R&B radio.

Also released in 1980 was "What Cha Doin'", which was the third Seawind single. This time A&M's efforts paid off as this single reached number 10 on the R&B charts and created lots of airplay for the group on national R&B stations. A&M also produced a "What Cha Doin'" music video which was one of only two Seawind videos. This was the most successful of the Seawind singles and it wasn't long after that 45 RPM singles were on their way out along with LP vinyl records and turntables and CD's soon became the new music format! Side two of this single was "I Need Your Love", written by Bob Wilson.

Because of the success of "What Cha Doin'" in the United States and Seawind's huge popularity in Japan, (A&M ) Alpha Records in Japan also released "What Cha Doin'" as a single on 45 RPM records. Seawind toured Japan a second time in 1981 and both the A&M and Horizon albums are now available today on CD, only in Japan. Japan was always Seawind's biggest foreign market.


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